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¿What is Tina&Tin?

Tina&Tin are personalized children's music products, in which each song is sung with the name of the child, with the purpose of creating a universe of fantastic adventures where the children of our house will always be the protagonists.

The personalization of the names in our songs, is done individually, singing the names of the children one by one in a professional recording studio, thus creating that magic that makes children feel truly important.

Our main goal is for children to have fun, dance and sing while learning, improving motor skills, vocalization, memory, creativity and self-esteem. All these advantages will be reflected in the day to day, in its development with the family environment, with friends and of course, also in school.

Who are Tina & Tin?

Once upon a time there was a little boy and a little girl, very much like yours, who were playing and singing their favorite songs. One day they wanted those songs to talk about their dreams and exciting adventures, so these children took two socks from their drawer and with them they created Tina and Tin; two playful dolls that sing songs for them and the children will always be the main characters.

Since then, Tina and Tin made personalized songs for toddlers and babies to win their hearts.